What does running mean to you? 

Being in the after grips of girl flu, like man flu but obviously not as potent. My name is Gina and I’ve not run for 3 weeks. There is nothing more annoyed than an out of sorts runner. So it got me thinking what does running mean to me? 

I can eat cake or whatever I like without putting on weight. Life is about balance.

I get that feeling of well being from getting back and feeling the blood pump round my body.

That forest gump feeling when a run goes well.

That air punch moment when you get a negative split mile and you’re not running down hill.

Getting new kit, always makes you feel better. Loving my new Hoka shoes.

I feel accomplished and week after week I see my progress in my endurance.

A single minded, focused effort and I’m the only one rewarded for it. It’s mine. I actually feel quite protective about it.

Running makes me feel good about my body even the wobbly bits.

There are no boundaries when it comes to running. You can literally run anywhere and everywhere.

Nobody is going to tell you that you can’t run further or that you should run longer. You’re only in competition with yourself.

If you’re a runner what does it mean to you?

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  1. Martin Free says:

    A sense of challenging myself. I also enjoy the solitude which gives mental freedom 🙂

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