Brimstone spa

Langdale is one of my favourite areas in the Lake District. I was lucky to stay at the Brimstone hotel in the Langdale estate a couple of years ago. It’s not only beautifully decorated, the staff are just so lovely. Attentive but not intrusive. 

In my job as coffee girl, the Langdale estate are one of my customers. When I shown the plans for the next phases of development, I couldn’t wait to see. Stove was the next phase. Again stunning but felt relaxed.

Next was the spa. I had done spa days here before and it was lovely. The new spa is in a different league. I had been asked if I’d like to have a show round and a try of the new beauty treatments. Let me think about that for a moment….erm yes please. I was meeting my friend Jo for dinner that night and asked if she wanted to come too.

As I was at work in the area and meeting Jo after work, I didn’t really think that I would need a swimsuit. As the spa was about the different experiences, wearing business attire didn’t really work! Luckily they sell swimsuits downstairs.

As we walked through, the attention to detail was clear to see. When we opened our locker, there was a luxurious thick bath robe, slippers and branded water bottle. The water bottle we could take home but not the other items.

We made our way through to the waiting area for treatments. My friend Jo was having a full body massage and I was having a superfoods facial. I’d not really had a facial before. The decor is beautiful. My face had various potions and massages as well as my neck, shoulder and hands. Was so relaxing and at one point woke myself up snoring!

After we had our post treatment relax, we set off on our spa journey. There are several rooms which you can spend time in.

 My favourite was the which is a spa pool half inside half outside. Even better as had it all to ourselves and the stars were out. A truly relaxing experience.

Yummy dinner in the Stove restaurant on site before heading off Bellies full and feeling relaxed.

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  1. You like spa’s? Then come to Japan and experience an Onsen – – or Ryokan – Now that would be well worth the expense and travel.

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