Yes it is that time of year when you reflect on the years events and look forward to the next adventures.  A recurrent phrase but where has this year gone?  The weeks fly by and months disappear before your eyes.  2016 has certainly been a busy year, I can sleep when i am dead.  With more and more people I know being diagnosed with cancer, makes you want to seize life even more, as you don’t know what is around the corner.

So how did I do with my resolutions last year?

Running Challenges

Getting a calf injury 7 weeks before London marathon, put the brakes on my plans.  The positive was I could try and get back to running to enjoy it rather than having to.  I am just getting back into it after having girl flu.

Conquer my fear of water 

Sue, my physio and swimmer extraordinaire was going to help me do this.  But illness, busyness and plans to do this got hijacked.

Revisit Wainwrights 

Have managed a few walks this year but not nearly as much as would have liked. A combination of poor weather and being a social butterfly.  I did manage to do the Coledale Horseshoe on a glorious day and took the right path out of the car park this time!! Read inserted blog for more details.

Be kinder to myself

I am being my own therapist, having done a CBT counselling session last year, I have taken points which I have put into practice.  I am human I have days where this doesn’t happen but instead of beating myself up and persecuting my imperfections, I try to just let it be.  It was cathartic doing my life stories on Radio Cumbria earlier this year.  People messaged after hearing me saying they never realised  what I had been through in my life. Kevin the presenter said “It is like you don’t give yourself enough credit for the person you are”.

Do more off my fabulist

I managed to do quite a few: learn to shuffle cards, learn a magic trick. visit Beamish, visit Amsterdam, doing tequilla slammers, visit Buckingham palace, go to a driving range and go trampolining.

Plans for 2017

I have been met with over the last year “you’re always doing stuff, you’re always away” yes because i do stuff and don’t just sit there mocking others adventures.  Life is too short not to.  I might be dead tomorrow, hope that I am not.  Not sure my things count as resolutions or more a pledge to myself to continue what I do.

Running the London marathon

I have my deferred place from last year so starting the long slow training plan.  Hopefully my body and mind will play ball and I can achieve this and other plans I have in my head.  I want to get back to some fitness.  I have really enjoyed having my fitbit and getting my 10000 steps in.

Conquer my fear of being out my depth in water

Sue and I are determined to make this happen and get in the lake to swim.

Do things off my fabulist

I have a few things planned off my ever growing list.  I have signed up for tap dancing lessons already.

Have time for me

Continue being kinder to myself, giving myself a break now and again.  Not placating as much.  As a very dear friend said to me “you are a radiator, surround yourself with radiators not drains”  this is very true.  Whether it is an age thing, but I am becoming less tolerate with shit.  Rather than crucify myself with thinking what is wrong with me?  Why are people being like that towards me, I think Your loss.

What are your resolutions?  






  1. shazza says:

    I love your Fabulist! I do have a bucket list and managed to cross a few off such as doing The Morecambe Bay Cross Bay Walk and I went Llama Trekking in the Lakes. I want to do a Wainwright this year. Any suggestions for somebody who is not very fit!! ? X

    1. Gina says:

      Aww thank you. There are lots of wainwrights try black crag, Holme fell or loughrigg. Walks and routes on my blog x

      1. shazza says:

        Thanks I will take a look.x

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