Confessions of a marathon girl 

My names Gina and I’m about to put myself through hell. Well hell to me before the haters try to put there perceptions of hell on me. Anyone can run but it takes a special kind of nutter to contemplate running a marathon. 

I was gutted last year when I injured myself a few weeks before the London marathon. My marathon  place with The Brathay trust was able to be deferred till this year along with my fundraising.

With a never ending bout of cough, colds and girl flu,  it had been weeks since I have exercised properly. My training plan was like the proverbial elephant in the room. Constantly comparing myself to peers also getting into their marathon stride. I have to stop myself and refer to a quote of a previous blog, comparison is the thief of joy. No good will come of thinking this way and as part of my New Years resolution was to be kinder on myself. So listen to your own advice?

I had to think about my plan. For my last 3 marathons I have used the Bupa intermediate training plan. Loooking at it sent me into panic mode. How could I achieve that when I’ve not run for weeks. So I have gone back to basics and downloaded the beginners guide. Instantly it felt a lot more achievable. I met Scott from Brathay who is an experienced runner and he gave me comforting words of encouragement. You’ve done this before, your body will remember this and you’ll be back to fitness in no time.

So week one done. Running 3 miles felt like a marathon to me. I have made myself go when I couldn’t be bothered. I have come back through the door with a face of thunder being cross with myself. I have also come back and thought that was ok. Taking delight in ticking off my achievements.

A running friend said these runs are the character building ones. Onto week 2…..

Check out my JustGiving Page for Brathay Trust. Help me raise more!

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