Food snob

I was talking with my friend Al about how we are in danger of becoming food snobs. How we get annoyed at people’s lack of thought in how they present food and drinks.

I was out in Kendal town at a well known establishment, I asked for a gin and tonic. I was astounded that there was only Gordon’s or Bombay sapphire on offer. Has the gin revolution passed them by? Plus no premium tonic, tonic is 75% of the drink so it needs to be good. Then to top it, off it was served in a half pint pot with a very sorry looking piece of lime. 

I derive pleasure from food and drink. Having the right glass completely enhances the experience, as we feast with our eyes. Having things nicely presented is key as well as quality products.

I have been lucky enough to eat in some fantastic places. Whether it’s Michelin starred food or egg and chips in a cafe, it should be served well. End of. I had egg and chips on my first date with my husband. Simple things cooked well are just perfection.

I work hard to earn my money and it annoys me when I’m out and I could cook better myself at home. Some may accuse me of being fussy, but when I equate that a poor meal is 2 hours graft for nothing I get cross.  In the Lake District we are spoilt with lovely places to eat and drink. The minority do seem to not care about getting repeat business.

Simple food done well and of course drinks served in the correct wares. That makes me a happy foodie. 

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