Lowther Castle 

This is another one of those places where I have visited tens of times with work but never properly visited. I did go to one of the Halloween nights but it was dark and didn’t see much! 

The work which has happened over the last few years is immense. The castle had been in the Lowther family since the Middle Ages. The castle was originally just a very modest castle until fire ravaged and it was rebuilt in the 17th century. Designed by Robert Smirke, (later  the architect of the British Museum) it was hailed as ‘magnificent and princely’.

In the 20th century, Lowther Castle enjoyed its heyday before the first World War, when the stables were bursting with horses and the kennels with dogs. Mirroring the century, this came to an end with the Great Depression of the 1930s. The house was closed in 1936 and in 1957, its roof was removed. The castle was then requisitioned by the army during the second world war for secret tank weapon testing in the gardens.

In 1999, the castle started its restoration work opening to the public in 2012. When we visited it was closing for another refurb. So I will be back to visit when this has been done.

The walk around was lovely and would be better when the gardens are in full bloom. The lost castle is great for adults and children alike. I had a go on the zip wire but drew the line at sliding down the firemans pole.


  1. shazza says:

    My Mum lives very near here in the village of Askham and we had a look round in October. Its really coming on.

  2. mumundone says:

    Love lowther! Got an annual pass this year – such a great family day out! Love the photos you took, the one of you in the bath is really cute!

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