Marathon progress

Survived week 2. Not getting any easier but I am going a little quicker. Even managed a HIIT class too, though could definitely feel it in my glutes from squatting. 

It’s so hard not to compare to other training for same event. Feeling jealous that they are doing 13/15 miles and I’m struggling to do 4. A twitter friend said “Important to follow your own goals and not compare to others. Keep progressing and ticking those boxes and you are achieving.” Easier said than done. It’s so hard not to have expectations of yourself. 

But he was right, training runs ticked off. Miles banked. Miles are miles whatever time they are done in.  Started with runny nose, not the kind of running I want in my life right now. Especially after having the dreaded lurgy for weeks. 

Bring on week 3.

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