Playing tourist – Lakeland motor museum 

It’s a wet dreary day in the Lake District, yes I know living here for 27 years I should be used to it by now. Not wanting to waste my Sunday, I consulted my where I want to visit list. Lakeland motor museum at Backbarrow was today’s destination. 

Living here, you don’t always do things on your doorstep. Having an injury last year made me appreciate things in my home area. Drawing up a “to visit” list. 

The museum takes you through the ages. Remembering things from my childhood. I even put 50p in the chitty chitty bang bang model to see it move. That’s the great thing about being an adult I can do this without having to beg my parents. 

It’s a very extensive exhibition which weaves its way around. Being guided by the arrows on the floor. 

Across from the main exhibiton was the Donald Campbell exhibition. I guess it was quite apt visiting this as had been the 50th anniversary this year since his death.  I must admit I didn’t know that much about our local speed hero. I watched the information video transfixed. What a man. 

So glad I finally visited. 

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