Week 3 

Survived yet another week. I was determined not to give into the running nose which was trying to take hold of my body.

Runs ticked off, a couple felt ok. I think I was trying to test my body this week. Included a HIIT class and started tap dancing lessons. My calves didn’t thank me for this on the following evenings run. 

I bought a new head light and light up arm band. Even wearing this, along with my ridiculously bright pink running jacket, people still walked into me! I would’ve thought the stench of said running jacket would be enough for folk to keep there distance. Apparently not.

It still feels like a huge task to get fit for the marathon but I’m just ticking the runs off and seeing how I get on. It is hard not to compare yourself but I’m trying my best not too. I got a book from a link I saw on Facebook. It’s called “scream if you want to run faster”. It’s a brilliant read and I found myself nodding along with her observations.  Especially with the constant excusing my pace. Always replying “I’m a plodder”. Seeing lots posting on social media about pace makes you feel mute, thinking shit wish I was gutted I didn’t get a sub blah. So I’m going to try and stop comparing. Because it is the thief of joy.

Running in Cornwall on week 4. Always nice having the naivety of not knowing where you are running.

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