Week 5

The week didn’t start well with a very ploddy 4 mile run in the rain. Hated every minute of it, all of my positive mantras out of my head. Probably going back to work aka adult day care after a week off didn’t help. I think those runs are called the character building ones!

What am i doing? Why am I putting myself through this? Come on body was running through my head.

Back to HIIT class too and whilst that felt good as the endorphins ran through my body, the next day I could feel it in my legs.

Downloaded an interval app, super easy to use and ironically ran my best when doing an interval session. I’m just glad it was early doors and still dark. My face was as peuce as my jacket.

My thoughts are consumed with either running or when I’m going to be squeezing in my runs. Oh the first world problems of a marathon runner!

Ok week 6 I’m ready.

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