Week 6

At last glimmers of fitness starting to return. Going out and braving the weather. I quite like running in the rain, which is a good job living in the Lake District.  There is no better feeling when the endorphins kick in whilst in a hot shower. Think these kind of runs are the character building ones. 

It was nice doing my long run in a different area. We were joining my brother in law and family at their holiday cottage for the weekend in Rydal. So I got dropped off in Ambleside and just set off with a vague idea of where I was going to go. It was so nice going off road and I felt good. It was nice to have these feelings.  I resisted the temptation to run a little bit further because of this. My physio’s words ringing in my ear “build slowly”.

It’s so hard not to look at what I should have been doing on my intermediate plan. I keep reminding myself I’m not following that. Trying not to take notice of what others are doing. Trying not to feel as if I’m not doing enough in comparison. Getting cross with myself for comparing myself. I must stop doing this but it’s hard. 

I Managed 2 HIIT sessions too. Doesn’t get easier just get more reps in. Bit like running, doesn’t get easier just go faster. I even managed a proper press up. I always had poor upper body strength and wanted to do at least one. Doing the HIIT has improved my upper body strength massively.  I still need to work on getting lower.

I also managed a bit of pool time, not a huge amount of swimming as was there to try and conquer my fear of being out my depth.

So taking the positives, runs done and feeling stronger, I’ll take that.

Ok week 7 I’m ready!

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