Week 7

When on the marathon treadmill, pun intended, every thought is consumed by when, where how far you’re running this week. Looking at the plan and thinking ok when can I fit this in and still have a life.  Every week I do this and manage to fit it in. 

The week started well, 10k was my first run of the week. Felt strong and even managed some negative splits. But Wednesday I woke up with terrible sore throat and runny nose. I was cursing my body willing for it not to get ill again.  I decided not to run to give myself an extra rest day. Trying not to beat myself up for missing a run off my plan.

As I was going to be away at the weekend, my long run would have to be done after work on Friday night. Usually Friday night would be pub time switching off the responsible adult button from work. Again I felt strong and it felt good to get another milestone run under my belt. Longest run since I injured myself last year. Resisting the urge not to tag another mile on. Build slowly was going round in my head.

I managed my 2 HIIT classes, sweating profusely equals putting the work in. Trying to put the positive spin on if illness is above the neck it’s ok to exercise. I do enjoy the class as it’s always different sets of exercises every class. Combining HIIT with running, I am feeling more toned and my body has changed shape slightly.

Ok week 8 let’s do this…..

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