Week 8

Halfway point, eek not long to go. I’ve liked doing my weekly update as it makes me accountable. Not to you reading but to the struggling inner Gina. Reading back at week 1 when running 3 miles felt hard now the hard miles are in double figures. Progress. 

4 runs done, a swim and a HIIT session, I only did one HIIT session this week as was tired surprisingly.

Long run was hard, as when I’d planned to go, storm Ewan decided to pay a visit. It was weather of a biblical nature and thought nope I’ll go tomorrow. Which I did, but my head went at 1.5 miles. Tears and tantrums at mile 2. But after a severe word with myself, I managed to achieve what I set out to do. Once I got to 5 miles I was feeling better and even comfortable.  Feeling smug in the shower afterwards that I’d achieved my goals for this week.

A friend said to me “to compare is to despair” but I still can’t help comparing myself. This is hard especially seeing the social media round up of long training runs. I sigh but I have to think I’m not them, I’m running my own plan.

When I look at my plan, week 9 is an easier running week, phew. My body will be friends with me again.

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