A tick of the fabulist – learn ballroom

When strictly is on, I always watch mesmerised wishing that I could do that. I never was allowed dance lessons as a child which is why it ended up on my list.

I was lucky to find a dance school in Kendal, after not being able to do it before Christmas due to illness.  I missed out on learning the cha cha but the next one was Samba and Quickstep. After posting I was doing this on Facebook, my neighbour Karen said I’d love to do that, do it was my reply. 

I was partnered with Jack, he was incredibly patient and as soon as we started just had a big smile on my face. Quickstep was first. The steps were broken down into small chunks. Felt more real when we did it to music. I constantly kept doing too bigger steps.


After lunch it was time for the Samba. Apparently this was more of my kinda dance, I have a body for shimmying!


A brilliant day and will definitely go back to do more workshops as just loved it. Thank you to jack for being a great partner and teacher. Need sequins next time.

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