Week 9

I like a Monday, it’s like a reset button. I Look at my plan and it was a gentler running week. Let my body have an easier time. But it doesn’t get easier you just go faster.

I was trying to be a bit easier on myself, though i did stupidly look at someone’s social media who is training for London marathon and instantly felt a failure comparing my efforts to theirs. Reminding myself I’m doing what I’m doing and sod everything else I see.  Easier said than done.

I Managed 2 HIIT sessions, again worked hard. You know you’re working hard when you leave a trail of sweat when doing floor work. I Discovered a killer exercise called bear crawls! Go google. I also started doing a 30 day core challenge. A good core helps with running so I’ll report back.

Week 3 of swimming. I felt so chuffed as managed to go fully under water in the deep end. Something I’ve never managed to do ever. I do find my swimming is like every other lesson, I spend the first 10 minutes re capping what I conquered the week before. I’m so grateful for Sue and her patience in helping me.

I’ve said before, it always hard juggling a social life with a marathon plan. I was invited to a friends for a girly night, I had planned my run to be completed before I went but it didn’t happen.  So I took my running stuff with the view of doing on the Sunday morning if not too hungover. Leyla said “I’ll come with you” so we made a pact to get out. Had a fab run, half trail, half road. It was nice to run with someone and run somewhere different. 8 miles banked. We then went out for a mountain fix and did another 8.5 miles. My legs were a little tired to say the least.

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