Week 10

After my trail run/mountain time the day before my legs were feeling a little tired. A run out to loosen and I ran  better than anticipated. But then severe DOMS set in. So I gave myself a rest day. 

It was yet another week of when am I going to squeeze in my runs. I was going away at the weekend so my long run of 15 miles needed to be done after work on Friday. No pub with friends for me. After a busy week, it was the last thing I wanted to do. I set off and the thought of the task ahead was crippling. A couple of drops of rescue remedy and I calmed down. 2 miles in and I felt warmed up and thought 15 miles I’m having you.

The route I did is a familiar one used in the past. The last time I ran this, I had a major shed collapse and had to get a friend to come and pick me up. On this run, I bossed the hills and even managed a couple of negative splits. I hadn’t put my head torch on and probably ran faster to get back into the lit streets of Kendal.

When I got home, I burst into tears. It was the longest run I had done post injury  from last year. I finally felt that I could run the London marathon, it was a major achievement in Gina world. I guess being bloody minded and determined is a good personality trait. I must check for people nearby before shouting at my legs to shut up. I think I scared a poor man when I did this on what I thought was a deserted street.

Post run and my Brathay buff a useful hairband

I only managed one HIIT session, but it was a good one judging by the out of breath and general sweatiness. I really enjoy this class as every time I go it’s different combination of exercises.

I Did my 4th session of conquering my fear of water. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I managed a few lengths swimming under water. My lungs really felt the workout and Sue said this will be great for your running. Sue is just so patient and encouraging. We even did ring, ring a roses in the pool as this was what I had flashbacks to when I was 7. When you go under the water on “we all fall down” I sank and had to be pulled out. Not this time.

My Hokas had a good test on my long run.  I switched to this brand in September. Graham from the Body Rehab had nagged me to give them a go. I love them, so comfy and haven’t had as many problems with my tight calves. I will have to get a new pair for running the marathon.  They provide maximum cushioning and minimal weight which create unique comfort and stability. It helps you run more naturally.

I’m just halfway with my fundraising. I’m running for Brathay which is a local charity to me. It supports and helps disadvantaged children who are not as lucky as my 2 stepsons. If you have a spare quid, please check out my JustGiving Page for Brathay Trust and Help me raise more! http://www.justgiving.com/Gina-Pennington3?utm_id=26

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  1. Galestorm says:

    Bless You and Stay Strong!

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