Week 11

After doing my long run the previous week and feeling chuffed. The wheels came off my training this week. My ankle was hurting and it didn’t help I spent the weekend walking lots in London. 

Panic stations, no Gina just rest, running on it would not be helpful in the long term. So had to give myself a couple of extra rest days. I used walking to get my Fitbit steps in as active recovery.

I managed 2 HIIT classes. Much awesome juice was lost. The class on Saturday morning was fun as used equipment. I Loved the boxing though I was scared I would miss and hit the instructor Sarah in the face. Luckily I didn’t.

I swam a kilometer in the pool. When I go into the pool it always takes me a few minutes to get used to it again.  I’m feeling much more comfortable in the pool.  I had jelly legs when I got out the pool.

My one and only run I did this week was a long one. The plan said 14 miles.  My Ankle was still feeling a bit sore so I thought I’d put some rocktape on.

The weather was biblical. I thought I’d try to do 2 laps of Derwent water. It’s always nice running in new places. Everywhere I ran, I was ankle deep in water or mud. Then coupled with a headwind it nearly stopped me in my tracks. With the diverts from flooded areas I managed 12 miles. I had never been as wet. My legs felt good and there’s something kinda rewarding about battling the elements.

My fundraising reached a fantastic total of £2000. If you want to help http://www.justgiving.com/Gina-Pennington3?utm_id=26

Ok week 12, let’s get back to plan.

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