Week 12

After my soaking the day before on my long run, I was feeling tired. The constant dodging the puddles and battling the elements really took it out of me.

The weather on Wednesday was back to rain. As the alarm went off at 6.15am to the rain battering the windows, I decided to do my run before I went to the pool. I ran my best I had in a while. Doing a really good tempo run. I ran in my brooks trainers as my hokas were still damp from Sunday. It was nice running in these and I forgot how comfy they were. 

After doing 50 lengths in the pool straight afterwards, my legs started to cramp up. I was chuffed with my swimming which is really coming along. The lengths it takes for me to get into my stroke are getting less.  Progress.

On my return to home, my registration form for London marathon was waiting. Eek shit just got real, a mix of nerves and excitement.

My run on Friday knocked my confidence. With an accumulation of things going round in my head, I had a panic attack.  It was horrid but after a few deep breaths and a taking to myself, I soldiered on and banked my planned 4 miles.

My long run on Saturday was a battle of wills. 13 hard miles as I struggled to get into my stride. But a combination of rescue remedy drops, walk, run I got there. The weather was beautiful and nice to run in the sunshine. I was feeling cross with myself thinking when I ran further a couple of weeks ago it felt easier.

After including 2 HIIT sessions in too this week, I couldn’t wait to have a rest day on Sunday and reset my body.  Rested to be ready to start all over again on Monday.

If you want to sponsor me and help me reach my fundraising target of £3000 for Brathay. You can sponsor me http://www.justgiving.com/Gina-Pennington3?utm_id=26 any amount is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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