Week 13

It was a tough week this one, I was still feeling a bit deflated after what I thought was a poor run on Saturday.  I started the week off with a mile swim. I hadn’t done that for about 20 years. My stroke is definitely improving and certainly had jelly legs when getting out. 

As I looked at my plan, it was the big one on my long run. 20-22 miles eeek, all week I was looking and thinking shit. Who’s bright idea was it to train for a marathon! Will my body let me run that far. Even more panic set in when midweek I started to feel unwell. Luckily whatever I had went as fast as it came.

2 HIIT sessions done, Sarah the usual teacher was off so Natalie took the classes this week. I think she nearly broke me, you know you’re working hard when you’re dripping when doing press ups.

The only day I ran this week was Friday, 5 steady miles. I was still not feeling comfortable, doubting my abilities and feeling down. Silly I know but I can’t help it.

D day, as was out for lunch later, I decided to get up at 6 to wake up, hydrate and fuel up. I applied my rock tape, think i was trying to become a mummy with the various strips I applied. A kind of route sorted and off I went. Dave said he would drive out and meet me at points to keep me going.

I set off and it was a beautiful day, all those doubting thoughts running in my head, I just couldn’t shift them. By mile 4, tears and neatly drinking rescue remedy to try and calm myself down. It’s so hard when your head is in a spin. I was feeling a fake, all those people saying how I inspire them. I certainly wasn’t feeling very inspirational at that moment. Even the strongest most confident of people have off moments, my default is not to show this as it makes me feel weak.

Just keep going, just keep ticking off those bloody miles, get to mile 8 where Dave will be. Finally everything started to gel, a recovery downhill helps massively. By the time I got to Dave I had nearly done 10 miles. Jelly baby refuel and off I went. The miles kept ticking off and perfect weather for a run. Next rendezvous and I was still ok. At mile 18 I was doing a mix of walking and running. My legs got told to shut up on many occasions. 20.2 miles done. A huge milestone ticked off.

A good stretch and my legs were feeling not too bad for what I had put them through.

Body if you’re still my friend? Week 14 we are ready.

20.2 mile face

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