Creme egg rocky road 

My take on this, I’m not a huge fan of marshmallows so I substituted then with cranberries. 


140g butter

150g rich tea biscuits

250g milk chocolate

120g dark chocolate

4 tbsp golden syrup

50g cranberries

50g raisins

40g glace cherries

16 mini creme eggs (2 bags)


Put the mini creme eggs in the freezer for a couple of hours beforehand, so that they will hold their shape when you cut them.

Melt in a pan on very low heat the milk chocolate, dark chocolate, butter and golden syrup, stirring regularly to ensure it doesn’t burn.

Once the chocolate has melted set aside 150ml to be used later, leave the rest in the pan but turn off the heat.

Crush the biscuits into small pieces and fold into the chocolate mixture in the pan.

Chop the cherries in halves or thirds depending on their size and add to the pan.

Mix in the raisins and cranberries

Chop the mini creme eggs into half. Set aside half of them to use later and put the other half in the pan and mix in gently.

Lay out baking parchment onto a tray (20cmx26cm) and spoon the mixture onto it. Press down firmly on the mixture to compress it so it forms an even layer.

Pour the 150ml of melted chocolate, which you set aside earlier, evenly across the top of the mixture. The idea is to fill in any gaps with it, and create a slightly smoother top surface. The liquid should only just cover all of the surface, so you may need to spread it with a spoon or spatula to distribute it evenly.

Put the remaining creme eggs (with the white and yellow creme showing on top), pushing them down carefully into the mixture so that the very top of the creme eggs are just above the surface.

Finally put it in the fridge to set. It will be set enough to eat in about two hours, although I prefer to leave overnight.

Once set, cut it into squares and serve.

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