Week 14 

After my longest run of 20.2 miles, I was worried my legs would not be my friend. But they felt surprisingly ok. I had Monday as my rest day though still got my 10k steps in. I managed my HIIT class reasonably well. It doesn’t get easier you just get more reps in. As they say if you’re not sweating you’re not training. 

My legs felt heavy on my first run of the week though I did manage negative splits in the second half of my run. When I went to swimming, I felt tired. I knew that Sue would already be in the pool so I couldn’t cry off. When I got in the pool she said we are going to do drills and not a mile. I was relieved even though it was hard in a different way. I managed 15 seconds under water in the deep end, jumped in at the deep end from the steps and did a kind of surface dive from the steps too. I can’t believe what I am achieving in the water each week.

I felt strong on my second run of the week, every mile was a negative split. It was one of those runs I wanted to air punch and felt I could run forever. You have to savour these as they are few and far between in Gina’s world.

It was Long run time, it was a stunning day. I set off but wasn’t feeling too great and at mile 3 had excruciating stomach pains. A phone call to Dave to come and pick me up. I felt rotten and cross that I hadn’t achieved what I set out to do. Pain killers and a date with the sofa, I was spark out. Sleep does do wonders. I still had Sunday to achieve my long run. Don’t panic.

It was Another nice day, breakfast and as I was getting ready, I realised my sports bras were both in the wash. Cue me patiently waiting for the washer to finish and then willing it to dry quicker in the dryer. I set off and the usual 3 miles of doubt plaguing me before getting into my stride. I ran well and it felt good to get my last long run done before London marathon.

It all feels a bit emotional thinking how far I’ve come since starting my plan. I hadn’t run for weeks due to illness and here I am miles in legs, marathon ready. I can’t wait to cross the line with my friend Louise who I’m running with. The body is an amazing thing, letting me push it. I think it’s helped doing my HIIT sessions and swimming.

It’s far to say I’m looking forward to the taper.

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Happy completed long run face

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