I love the power of social media, a lady called Rebecca had been following me on Instagram for ages. I got a message from her to say how much she loved my blog, she was relocating to the area and did I want my lashes done for a special price.  I had party lashes done at New Year and loved the full look of them, but they only last a few days.  I am lucky my eyelashes are quite full and more so with mascara on. An appointment was booked.  Rebecca is just so lovely, before we started she asked me what kind of look I was after.  No idea came the honest reply, I will leave it up to you.  Lash extensions are individual synthetic strands, curled like natural lashes.  They are applied one lash at a time to your natural lashes, it will frame your eyes with a long, thick, luxurious set.

It was so relaxing having them applied that I fell asleep, Rebecca was too polite to say if I had been snoring.  She said it was a compliment I was so relaxed!

I just loved the result.  Full lashes and no having to apply mascara.  Just get up and go.

Reasons to get them done

 Long lashes all day, every day (at least for as long as they last)

 By far my favourite thing about lash extensions; there’s nothing better than knowing you’ll be waking up in the morning with fluttery lashes. With proper care, your extensions will last around 4 weeks. You should expect to shed most of them throughout the growth cycle of your natural lashes. It is recommended to go for infills when your extensions begin to look sparse.

No need for mascara and takes less time to get ready

I don’t even need to go near mascara with lash extensions. Usually I do use mascara on my bottom lashes but more often than not I can skip it altogether. Just get up and go.

Low maintenance

There really isn’t much that needs doing, for my lash extensions I was given a brush and told to brush through them daily which is all I do. You can gently wash them to keep them looking more natural but this is something I skip.

Confidence boost

For me, lashes are everything. I hate leaving the house with bare lashes so knowing I can wake up and leave the house when and if I need to, really boosts my confidence.

If you fancy having this done contact Rebbeca, I have booked to have my refills done and can see this becoming addictive!!

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