Week 15

After my last long run, I was feeling pleased that I was heading for the taper. Taking it a bit easier to prep my body for the big day. Maybe because I’m older than when I did my first marathon, I’m feeling tired. Not sleeping great and my body is still thinking it’s on winter time, as keep waking at 5am.

I bought some new trainers, I’m not running in them when I do the marathon as they’re not run in yet. I did use them this week and they are comfy. I’m a convert to the Hoka brand. My legs felt heavy this week. 8 miles on Sunday in the bank and that’s the longest run done till marathon day.

Last longish run till marathon day
Bringing sexy back with compression socks

Introducing cross training has really helped me. 2 HIIT classes done. I do really love these classes and it has really improved my upper body strength.

Squeezed in a swim too, I lost count of how many lengths I did. About 50 I think, I know that my legs felt like jelly when I got out the pool!

With days to go, I’m starting to get excited and feel more ready than other years. Bring on the taper this week.

If you have a spare quid, please sponsor me. I’m running for Brathay. Raising money for children less fortunate than my 2 stepsons.

Check out my JustGiving Page for Brathay Trust. Help me raise more! http://www.justgiving.com/Gina-Pennington3?utm_id=26

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