Week 16 

Taper week here, I needed it I’m tired. The maranoia setting in, am I going to be ok? Have I enough in my legs for the task ahead? It’s been a tough journey. When you have been training 5 times a week, not training feels like all fitness is fading away. 

I didn’t go to HIIT, last thing I wanted was to get DOMS. Sarah, the teacher sent me a lovely message wishing me luck. I did manage a swim. Sue couldn’t make it so I was in the pool on my own. It felt a bit like when you’ve passed your driving test and let loose in the car on your own. My googles were steaming up and couldn’t get into my stroke (pun intended) but soon I was and I did 50 lengths. I was tempted to push on and do a mile but was sensible. 

Only 2 small runs to do before Sunday. The first one of the week was awful, a definite entry for the fuck it bin. Luckily my next one I felt strong, ran quickly and confidently. Phew. 

Last run done

The big day was here, it was so nice having someone to run with. After about 100 loo stops it was time to get to the start line. Lou and I were starting at different starts. So we made the arrangement to meet at mile 3 where all the starts come together. It took me 24 minutes to get over the line. Soon we were reunited and off we went. There is no atmosphere like London and I really enjoyed it taking it all in. I’ll explain more as the marathon deserves it’s own blog. 

We ran really well, made such a difference having Lou by my side as we ticked off the miles. My calf cramped at mile 17/18 and things got tough. Lou kept saying just keep moving forward and we did. Seeing friends and family around the course really lifted our spirits. 

Seeing the finish line was so emotional, thinking how amazing my body was to be here finishing the marathon after the journey I’ve been through. As soon as we crossed the line we just fell into each other arms and burst into happy tears. Well earnt bling! 

You can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it! I hadn’t run for weeks but 16 weeks later ran a marathon. Now to rest this body before it’s next challenge! 


  1. Robert David says:

    Congratulations! This si really something. Not being a runner myself but having lived with runners I know what you have been through to get here and what it all means!

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