I’ve run a marathon now what? 

It’s a funny thing, running and training for a marathon. And then suddenly, it was over. And bizarrely, I miss it. I miss the structure of my training plan.  I was on such a high afterward. Crossing that finish line was a really big deal. You have such strong emotions because you’ve worked so hard for so long, and then it’s over so quickly. 

I am keen to maintain this fitness I have worked hard for.  Booking a half trail marathon and Chester marathon in October was the perfect antidote to post marathon blues. 

The trail half will be completely new to me, I have done a few trail runs and love the freedom of being off road. 

I have convinced my friend Carolyn to run her first marathon. After running with Lou in London will be lovely running with Carolyn in Chester.  Having company really helps when it get tough. 

So back to the training plan. Love my marathon tee which I’m wearing with pride. 

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