A tick off the fabulist – do a photshoot

People may call me vain for putting this on my list but it’s my list at the end of the day.  Despite being a fan of the selfie and posting hundreds of pictures to my online albums on Facebook, I hate having my picture taken as I am so incredibly critical of how I look.  Gone are the days when we had to patiently wait for the results of photos.  In the instant age of gratification, we can inspect instantly and delete the less than flattering pictures.

As with lots of other things on my to do lists, I have been blown away by the kindness of strangers.  Well I guess not really strangers, people who I interact with on social media. I’ve posted links to my blogs asking if anyone can assist and have been humbled by the offers which come back.  A friend said it’s the “Law of Attraction” you get back what you put out there.

This is how I got to meet Mick (Micheal his Sunday name!), he said I’ve just got a studio and would love to photograph you and help tick this off your list for you.  He had mentioned this after I visited Beamish, his studio is very close to here.  A few messages passed back and forth and a date was set. He had said to bring some evening dresses and be glam. 

It was also the perfect opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone, to visit our friends the Stainthorpe’s who live in Durham. I cheekily asked Mick if he would mind if my friend Christine and her daughter Evie came along too and shoot them. Of course came the reply.  Evie was very excited by this. 

Hair done, glam make up done and it was time to go to meet Mick at his studio. 

Mick was so lovely and made us feel at ease immediately. A quick change and first outfit was on. 

Evie was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to get posing. 

Couldn’t not get mum involved! 

A few more wardrobe changes. 

A few less clothes for a few boudoir shots. 

You can count on children to say how it is.  Evie said if Dave was here he’d say “Gina, you’re so sexy” followed by her giggling. 

More snaps and it was a wrap. A huge thank you to Mick for these fabulous pics, for taking time out to shoot me. If you fancy a shoot yourself check out his website http://www.dh9photography.com/

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