A tick off the fabulist – Do a press up

I have never had very good upper body though the rest of my body is quite fit with running. When I started doing HIIT classes last year my strength increased. I had an attempt and struggled to do 1 proper press up, reverting to doing them on my knees or on an incline. 

A few weeks ago I started seeing Natalie a personal trainer. With her guidance my strength has improved massively. When she was giving me my instructions she said the dreaded word press up, a full one! Ok let’s have a go. I surprised myself and managed not one but 3 sets of 10. 


Doing my PT sessions it has  increased my strength. I should’ve discovered strength training earlier.  Though hard I’m loving my sessions with Natalie. https://www.sarahjonesconditioning.co.uk/

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  1. Great post Gina 😊. I just loved it so much !! 👍

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