Getting injured feels like deja vu to March 2016, when I tore my calf muscle in the lead  up to the London marathon. Running through what I thought was tightness meant that I tore it deeper. Nothing more irritated than an injured runner. No marathon that year. 

On a long training run with my marathon running partner Carolyn, we were not even at mile 2 when I felt a pop in my calf. I ran for a few more steps but knew the signs and stopped. I Hobbled back home disappointed, iced and elevated my leg and prayed. A visit to the physio the next day and my worst fears were confirmed, a tear, but because I hadn’t run through it, I’d limited the damage. That didn’t really help my marathon training plan. Looking at the weeks to go and willing there to be more. Sue my physio said keep up the cardio. I modified HIIT sessions and my PT modified sessions I had. At least I still had some fitness. I was under strict orders not to run until my next physio session. 

I did sneak a run in and it felt ok. I needed miles in my legs. When I told Sue my plans to run 12 miles that weekend, she did a sharp intake of breath and suggested cumulative running. Doing consecutive runs was hard but my legs performed well.  I’ve been reading about cumulative running and think will try that out on my next marathon. 

One thing you can’t do is make up missed training. With the marathon looming, I needed to get in a long run. I’m always the same when running, the first 3-4 miles feel laboured until I get into my stride (pun intended). I managed 13 miles, my calf felt good and my body showed me how strong it is. The body really is quite an amazing thing. 

Getting those miles in the bag have given me the confidence to be able to run 26.2 miles and get more bling. 

Ok Chester I’m coming for you. 

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