Gravity Flight Wall experience

They say you should do something everyday which scares you.  This experience certainly does that. When I saw my god daughter in the summer, she said “are we still going to go to a roller disco?” Children never forget!!  When I searched on Salt Ayre Leisure centre in Lancaster website, they were no longer doing them, but they did have the newly installed Gravity Flight Wall.  I sent the link to her mum to ask if she would like to do this instead, a resounding YES please was the reply and her mum saying I don’t have to do it do I? Looks like I am going to be an andrelaline junkie for the afternoon.On the day my eldest Dean came along with us.  After a rain shower the weather cleared and it was off for our safety briefing.  Chris and Tom the instructors were lovely and patient.  Our health and safety decalration signed and off to the wall for our training.  The first jump which was a leap of faith, my legs were shaking, am I really going to jump off into the air.  After a bit of encouragement I did it, then the realisation that was only the start!!  On each of the areas we did it 3 times.  It included the following:

  • Leap of faith (6m high)
  • Speed Zip Wire (12m high)
  • Superhero Zip Wire (12m high)
  • The Fall (12m high)
  • The Plummet (12m high, 3m free fall)
  • The Drop – 7m Flightline (19.5 metres high, 7m free fall)

Each time a deep breath before chucking myself off.  It was exhilarating and after I had done it had a sense of achievement.  The Drop was so high, after we had done it, Chris and Tom said we could go again.  I didn’t want to but Erin my god daughter did so I had to do it again.

A great afternoon experience and at £15 per adult and £12.50 for children a bargain too.

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