About 4 years ago when I was running, the balls of my feet would burn with hot spots.  I could cope with the burning on runs up to 10k but when I was doing the longer training runs or marathons, it was excruiating.I tried various different sock combinations, all promising the earth and still they burnt.  I smoothered vaseline on them before putting socks on, changed my running shoes, it still made no real difference.

Graham from The Body Rehab suggested using an orthotic insert in my shoe, it improved the pain but was not perfect.  So I decided to visit Sidas a podiatry clinic.

My feet and gait were examined, when I walk my toes try to grab the floor so I needed an orthotic insert to even it out.  I could have an off the shelf one, but found that it hadn’t worked very well when I tried it before.  So I decided to take the plunge and have a custom made one.  The process was amazing, I stood on the machine and it moulded round my feet.  Then it was filed off and placed in my shoe for fit.  It felt a bit odd and was told to wear them everyday to get used to them.

What a difference, it felt a bit uncomfortable at first but now I don’t know how I managed without them.  In addition to my orthotics I got some Gel plantar protectors which help too.

I am so glad I invested in my feet, money well spent and great service too.

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