Personal training 

I’d always thought that having a PT was a bit pretentious as it’s mostly associated with the rich and famous. Stories of how the star’s PT had got them back into shape after having a baby, or for an upcoming movie role. This time last year, I started going to HIIT classes run by Sarah Jones PT it was nice doing something different to compliment my running. The classes are fun and always different. It never got easier, I just got more reps in. I’d seen on the Facebook page results from PT sessions and after receiving some unexpected money thought I’m going to invest in me.

A chat with Sarah and she said Natalie has some free space. I’d met her when she had taken the HIIT classes covering Sarah. I liked how she pushed you in class and I felt comfortable with her.

People will say “why have a personal trainer when you can just go down the gym”. Going to the gym isn’t easy by yourself, for me I was never a gym person, I didn’t have a clue what half the machines did.

For many of us we do a long day’s work and when we hit the end of the 8 hour adult day care session, a mental battle takes place. In the red corner- is the motivated, committed exercise me that put’s on their gym kit and says ‘lets do this’! In the blue corner, and a real tough contender is your little inner devil inside you that looks at your gym bag and says ‘Nah, go home, put your feet up, slob on the couch and eat a pizza! BALLS to the gym!’. The little devil in the blue corner often delivers a knock-out punch right?

In having a Personal Training session booked, the mental battle becomes a little more one sided in favour of the exercise me in the red corner! If you’ve booked an appointment, you’ve committed to turning up, your behaviour tends to follow your intentions!

If you don’t plan your workout, the chances are, unless you really have mastered the art of spontaneity and pushing yourself, you’re not going to have a good workout. This is where Personal Trainers step in. A good PT will have your session planned out for you, it won’t be any old plan that they’ve found off the internet, it will be an exercise plan that is going to make a difference to you. That’s what I have in Natalie. Every session is different, pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Focusing on technique whilst getting in the reps. Poor technique and there’s no point in doing it as won’t have the desired effect. It’s not about counting the amount of weight you lift, it’s about making the amount of weight you lift count to get the best calorie burn. Having someone pushing you to get the most out of the workout.  There have been times where I have thought “if I was here on my own, would I have pushed myself like that” the answer is probably not.  She says with a smile “we are going to try something different”  OK I’ll try my best.  You are your only limit and you can always do more than you think!

I’ve been seeing Natalie for the past 4 months and I can’t believe how much my body has changed. I have lost tens of inches from all over my body and in that time I have had 2 holidays.  I have gain confidence in using the equipment and perfected my technique with lifting. Though I do get reminded with helpful shouts when I get it wrong. My core is so much stronger which has really helped with my running. I’ve even managed to do a press up properly. I would so love to be able to manage a pull up, that’s work in progress.

When doing exercises now my core and position are so much better and in turn makes me more effective when carrying out the exercises. I haven’t lost huge amounts of weight, if I’d dieted my results would be more.  I have an under active thyroid which does make it harder to lose weight. I sometimes feel I’m counter productive as I need to push myself more to get the same effect as a normal person.

I have been trying to drink more water which helps. Natalie said to take pictures as they give you a visual for progress made.

The cringing first picture, let the work commence
12 weeks later, inches gone. More toned

I love my sessions with Natalie and hope to tone up some more in the next few weeks.  PT’s are a definite worthwhile investment in yourself and well being. Everyone should have a Natalie in their life.


  1. ericleader22 says:

    Great progress, keep up the good work. I’ll be following your progress!

    1. Gina says:

      Can’t believe I’ve not discovered it before. Really love my sessions 💪🏼

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