Gin and truffle making

Gin and chocolate what could possibly go wrong?? I was invited to a Gin talk and chocolate truffle making night at my friends place “The Cocoa Bean” in Hawkshead. The cocoa bean is a chocolate shop where you can make your own too, whether you’re 5 or 85.Kate from The Lakes Distillery who are responsible for the One Gin, was there to talk us through the gins and the lakes distillery.

Of course their were samplers, I unfortunately was driving so had a scant taste and passed my leftovers onto my friend Ria.

Gins tried, then it was time to don our aprons and hairnets to start creating our chocolates.

We were given our Belgian chocolate shells and now it was for us to get creative.

In the pots we had : dried raspberries, chopped dime pieces, honeycomb, nibbed nuts and mini salted caramel balls. Once we had put our adornments into the chocolates, it was then time to fill them with the liquid chocolate.

A dab of chocolate to seal them.

Then the messy part, fingers in the chocolate to smear on the palm of your hand and then roll the truffle between your hands.

Then a bit of decoration.

Then time to box them up and have a taste of the 2 that won’t fit in the box. Mmmm yummy.

A brilliant fun night. Thank you Andrew and Fiona for a great evening and will definitely do that again. If you fancy visiting you can visit your own Willy Wonka chocolate factory.

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