A tick of the fabulist – learn to pull a pint

When I worked in a pub it was when I was 15, plus it was on the other side of the bar, being a waitress. As a real ale drinker I thought I should learn how to pour the perfect pint.

A friend Phil has recently taken over running his own pub in Kendal. He is such a lovely man and completely athletics mad. So when we were chatting about SPOTY awards and whether he was going, he said he couldn’t as didn’t have anyone to look after the pub. So Dave and I said we would look after the pub.

I have a new found respect for bar people. It was hard work but fun as lots of friends came down to support us. It was near Christmas so a choir came in to sing Christmas carols. It was lovely.

Apparently we were naturals behind the bar but don’t think I’ll be giving up my day job just yet. Though if they need a barmaid to help out I’m there.

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