Lucy the Labrador

My name is Gina and I have turned into crazy dog lady. My iPhone camera reel is full of dog pictures instead of the usual selfies. 2 weeks since Lucy bounded into our lives. She has settled in so well and housetrained with the exception of a couple of accidents.

A dog has changed me in a good way.

What have I learnt:

I can waste hours playing with her, staring at her whilst she sleeps by my side. I am biased but she is a very beautiful Labrador. Those eyes get me.

Coming home to that wagging tail. It’s like she’s not seen me for ages.

I seem to be the “poo whisperer” I have a sense as to when she needs to go out. 9/10 I’m right.

She can smell a treat at a 100 paces. Same goes for when you’re trying to fill her dog bowl with food.

She’s so photogenic and poses for photos at a click of a finger. Hardly surprising as from 2 weeks old she was used to me taking pictures of her.

I spend my lunch break wondering around Pets at Home rather than Next.

She’s goes and hides under the sofa when she’s told off.

Everywhere we go, people gravitate towards her. She’s such a good social dog.

You may think you’ve puppy proofed things.

It’s only been 2 weeks she’s been with us but couldn’t imagine not having her in our life. Can’t wait until the next injections are done and we can take her out properly.

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