When you’ve had a break from fitness due to illness, it’s easy to believe that you’ve lost all of your gains. When I went back to HIIT and PT after an illness break, it makes you feel so unfit. Like with lots of things in life is to always remember progress.

When I first started strength training with Natalie, one of my aims was to feel confident using weights and become stronger. My core strength was shocking. I realised that when I thought I was doing planks to improve this, I wasn’t in the right position, when I did do it properly oh my what a difference.

It’s easy to feel negative, but having a reference points reminds you of progress.

I used to struggle with box jumps/knee drives. Now can do with more coordination and vigour.

I had zero upper body strength. I can now confidently lift weights. My DOMS tell me I’m working hard.

Press ups don’t scare me anymore and I can get lower than I used to.

Now that I’m in my forties, strength training really helps with my overall fitness. It is a misconception that women will bulk up from weight training. Women generally lack sufficient amounts of the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for muscle growth and building. You read some people say don’t lift any more than 3kgs, but most people lift that with their food shopping or a small child. Off now to pump some iron.

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