A tick of the fabulist – do a skydive/parachute jump

As part of my 40 at 40 list I did an indoor skydive, it was great fun. https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2012/08/27/completing-no-2-on-my-40-at-40-list/When I was completing my 40 list, there were lots of other experiences I wanted to do. So my fabulist was created. No time frame just things I wanted to do before I died. After doing an indoor skydive, thought I’ll have to do one outside. So back in October 2017, I signed up to do a charity parachute jump. I decided the charity would be Great North Air Ambulance. https://t.co/zAlPJNznakIf they had been available in 1991, they may have saved my mother in law who died after being in a car accident. That was before the dawn of mobile phones.

With leading a busy life, I had forgotten that I was doing the jump. A gentle reminder from the organiser to check how my fundraising was going and was I still ok for it. When I checked the forecast, couldn’t believe my luck as it was going to be a perfect day weather wise. If only I could be as psychic with the lottery numbers.

When I booked the day, I hadn’t factored in that the clocks were going forward, had organised friends to come over to go to a beer festival! I figured nothing gets rid of a hangover than jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet.

Instructions were to be at the airfield at 8.30am, prepare yourself for a wait as your jump is dependent on the weather and how many people. I woke early as couldn’t remember which clocks has already been changed and panicked at what was the actual time! A bagel and cup of tea was the only food I could manage.

After registering, it was now the nervous wait. First up was the training and what to expect. The most important thing was to make sure you lift your legs up when you land. Then back to waiting for your name to be called.

Only about 15 mins later and my name was called, my instructor was Peter and as I’d paid for a DVD My filmmaker was Daniel. Introductions made and off to get my jumpsuit on. Wearing a down jacket with my pockets stuffed with my belongings underneath is not flattering FACT!

A last goodbye to Dave and my friends and off towards the plane.

As I was last in, the realisation that I was probably going to be first out! Peter was talking to me asking if I was nervous, hell yes was the reply. He said you’d have to have a screw loose if you weren’t nervous. A run through as the plane gained height.

Final instructions, the door will lift, I will dangle you out and when I do cross your legs behind you and push into me. This was done with my eyes tightly shut, with oh my god what am I about to do. A grimace to camera and off we went.

A somersault out and wow. I opened my eyes and the views were just amazing. We were in free fall for about 40 seconds.

It is just the most amazing feeling and seeing earth from this perspective. The shoot goes up and silence and you take it all in. Rather disconcertingly Peter then said I’m just going to loosen your harness to make you more comfy. I was thinking WHAT??!!!

Soon I could see the airfield and my friends and family. As we were coming into land, all I could think was back to my training and “lift your legs”. A smooth landing and the biggest grin on my face that I had actually done that.

A big hug from Peter and a huge thank you from me for being such a brilliant calm instructor. I was on cloud 9 as I ran over to hug my husband and friends. Off to de robe, collect my certificate and wait for my DVD.


This was one of the most amazing, exhilarating, scary experiences of my life. If you ever get the chance definitely do this. I’m still smiling from it.

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  1. fatdormouse says:

    WOW!!! How brave are you?! I’ve done a tandem paraglide but that is amazing!!

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