Rough runner

This event was certainly out of my comfort zone! You know when at the beginning of the year people ask you to do things and you agree without even thinking?! That was me when Sarah and Nat from Sarah Jones PT, asked me if I fancied doing Rough Runner.

As the date grew nearer, Sarah was sorting out final numbers. I thought I’d better have a look at this event. When I looked at the online videos, I thought shit. How deep was the water? This freaked me out as I’m still not great at being out of my depth. There was also some confined space obstacles too. When I said to Sarah and Nat that I wouldn’t be doing it due to my concerns. In chorus they said “if you don’t like an obstacle you can go round it, plus we are a team and will all do it together” basically not taking no for an answer. I’m glad they didn’t.

The event was at Arley Hall near Northwich. After the recent spell of good weather, it had a temporary break and was pouring down. Luckily this stopped for most of the run. Number collected, usually at races I’m a nervous wreck but I was something else…..excited.

After meeting up with the team, pose for a picture.

What a laugh, 10k done and as a team we got over all of the obstacles.

Most importantly we got bling.

I’m so glad that Sarah and Nat didn’t let me say no!

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