I feel as if I’ve neglected my blog for a while, mainly posting recipes. Back in May 2018, I left my job after 28 years and along with my family we set up Penningtons tea and coffee.

The support and business we have gained in our early months has been just amazing. One of my friends Sue who is also a customer has been a huge support. She said I’m nominating you for an EVA award as you deserve it.

You may ask “what’s an EVA?” It’s stands for Enterprise Vision Awards and is to celebrate women in business in the North West of England.

I received my email regarding my entry and had a form to fill in. I found it so hard as it doesn’t come easy to put in writing how great you are, or to say why you think you should win. I sent my entry off and didn’t think anything more about it, well apart from how I could if improved my entry.

I was in shock when I received a call to say congratulations you are a finalist. I was over the moon. Even more so when I found out that there were 17 of us from Cumbria in the final. I thought to myself wow this is amazing. Our Local MP caught a press release and invited us down to his office for coffee and a photo call. He also invited us down to London to the Houses of Parliament. I’m very excited about this as I’ve always wanted to visit.

It was such an empowering meet up, some familiar faces lots of new friends made.

With the EVA’s awards process, there is an interview, voting and then an awards dinner. The interview consisted of a presentation and questions from a panel of 3. With being so busy I hadn’t had time to think which I was taking as a positive. Once I got into the flow it a went ok. I was glad to have it done and dusted.

Voting finished today so all that can be done is done. Whether I win or lose, I’m just so overwhelmed to be a finalist. Here’s to getting glammed up for the red carpet and fingers crossed.

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