A tick off the fabulist – Visit the Houses of Parliament

When I visit London, I always get excited when I see Big Ben and the iconic Houses of Parliament. I have run the London marathon 4 times and when I see this building I know I’m near the finish.

I was over the moon when our local MP Tim Farron invited me down for a tour of The Houses of Parliament. I am lucky to be a finalist in the EVA’s awards https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2018/09/08/evas/ and along with my fellow Cumbrian finalists we were asked by Tim to come to London.

I don’t agree with the party politics but Tim is a great politician and MP for our local area. He casually borrowed a train when Northern rail stopped all the trains. He was over the moon that so many Cumbrian business women had made it to the final.

So off we set to the big smoke, Coral who is the brainchild behind the awards joined us.

After a photshoot outside, we headed in to meet Tim’s PA who then handed us over to our tour guide.

It truly is a magnificent building, the real place of power.

It was amazing seeing the Houses of Commons and lords in the flesh. Though there was no photos allowed, I’ve taken these from ones available online.

The robing room
House of Lords
House of Commons

After our Tour, Tim came to meet us and took us downstairs to the terrace. This is only accessible with a MP.

A brew and a chat before Tim had to get back to business. A brilliant day with some inspiring women.

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