A tick of the fabulist – go in the longest fastest Zipwire

Way back when on my 40 at 40 list, I put going on the longest Zipwire on my to do list. At the time it was in SW Scotland only to be superseded a couple of weeks after completion by Zipworld in Wales. https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2013/03/29/completing-number-40-on-my-40-at-40-list-go-on-a-very-long-zip-wire/

My friend Michelle was organising a trip to Zipworld as part of her celebrations for her milestone birthday. I jumped at the chance to join as it was put on my fabulous list. After the Beast from the East cancelled our initial planned trip luckily Storm Ali by passed us.

There was 16 of us all eager, excited and nervous in equal measure. We all met in reception ready for our briefing.

One thing which is important is your weight as this has an effect on how you are stopped after hurtling down a hillside. A collective gasp as we saw an industrial weighing scales with a screen above. Thinking we would be weight shamed which we all joked was far scarier than zipping at break neck speeds. Luckily we didn’t have to do that, just stand on a flow scale as we passed through to get our kit.

After a run through of safety and the order of timings etc, we had our kit. Harness check and off we went to the “training” zip.

As we were sat at the first bench, this meant we were first up. As you go head first, you were asked to lay on the bench and then get strapped in.

The bed gets lowered and you are just hanging. 3 2 1 and off we went. It was just amazing and this was only the small one.

Once all of us had finished, it was into a Land Rover and a 15 minutes windy drive up to the next zip, the big one at 1555 metres.

As we went first last time it was us up again. Just stepping out to get onto the seats took my breath away as was so high.

Ok 3 2 1 and off we went. It was just out of this world flying along. We reached speeds of over 100 mph.

When we got to the bottom, we just wanted to do it again. Such a brilliant day out and well worth the 6 hour round trip for 60 secs of adrenaline fun. Thank you so much to Michelle for organising.

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