That time of year again and it always brings a moment of reflection on the past 12 months, was it a bestseller?  Hell yes.  2018 will be an unforgettable year for The Pennington family as we launched our business in May.  We  have been blown away by the support and more importantly custom.  We have gone from wishing it was Friday in our old world  to how the hell is it Friday already. 

I am incredibly proud of our achievements so far and 2019 promises to be a busy year too.  Time has been a huge factor or the feeling of having no time.  As well as starting a business we got a puppy, probably not the best timing but the best thing we have done.  Lucy the Labrador was born on Christmas Eve last year and she came home in February.  Those of you who follow my social media will know that I am head over heels in love with Lucy, I simply couldn’t imagine life without her.  As I type this she is sat curled up sleeping and gently snoring.  Funny how when Dave snores I want to smother him, when Lucy does it’s cute.

So how did I fair on last years Resolutions…….


I have been a bit on and off with running, mainly down to time and a large dose of couldn’t be arsed.  I have done no races and need to enter something to give me something to focus on.  Lucy has started coming out running with me and it has been great for my mental health.  I am back to enjoying being out, the look of joy when she looks up to me as I am running makes me smile.


I have continued my sessions with Nat and amaze myself with how much stronger and toned I am.  I love how she pushes me and dread when she says I am using you as a guinea pig.  I did get roped into doing Rough Runner by Nat and Sarah and despite my worries I really enjoyed it.

Conquering the Lake

I went in the Lake once, early morning and it was when the weather was so amazing.  I have been swimming twice I think and really want to get to do this more in 2019.


I managed to do 4 things off this.  Skydive which was one of the most scariest incredibly things I have done.  Visit the Houses of Parliament, Do the Settle to Carlisle railway and do Zip World.  Initially we were going to do this in March but the Beast of the East came so was rescheduled to September.  Again another amazing experience.

Time for me and be kind to myself

Failed miserably at this.  With having counselling I  can recognise the warning signs and try to put into practice the techniques I have learnt.  It is easier said than done at times.


So what for 2019?

Probably more of the same, I want to continue to get fit with my running and you never know I may even enter some races.

Continue ticking off things off my fabulist.

I would like to start doing the Wainwrights again as would like Lucy to do them all.

Do less of more, give myself space and not feel guilty for just doing nothing.


What are your resolutions?  Whatever they are I wish you a lovely 2019.



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  1. Lucy @thejowce says:

    Good on you for what you achieved in 2018 and here’s to next year! Thanks for sharing xx

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