From the 16th century to the 19th century women wore corsets but they were designed to shape the woman’s torso rather than to provide support. It wasn’t until 1913 the modern bra was invented. Mary Phelps Jacob invented the modern bra, she used two handkerchiefs joined by ribbon. She patented her invention in 1914.

Her garment too was called a brassiere but in the late 1920s the word was shortened to bra. Cup sizes were invented in 1932. In 1942 Ida Rosenthal invented a bra strap that allowed the straps to be adjusted. 

I was a late starter, I think I was flat chested until I was about 15 then boom. Getting the right bra was a bit of guess work. Over the years as weight fluctuates my boobs have pretty much stayed a similar size.

After losing some weight, I decided to get myself measured. I went to good old M&S but the size they said I was and the bra I bought was just way too big. So a couple of weeks ago after being sick of bras fitting not quite right. I went to a local lingerie department store and got measured.

The woman instantly knew my size but double checked with measuring and trying on bras. Omg the difference in having a bra which fitted perfectly, no double deckers or wires not sitting right. My boobs actually look smaller, I’m lucky that at the age of 45 1/2 gravity hasn’t taken hold. I can’t stop looking at them as my clothes fit better. As Gok Wan says start with great underwear to make clothes look better.

I’d always wondered why there was 3 clasp on a bra. The lady said you should always try a bra on at its loosest setting. Then as the bra loosens with washing and wear you can use the tighter settings. Everyday is a school day.

Out with the old bras and in with the new. Praise be for the online sale at Figleaves!

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