10 year challenge

An eye roll at yet another social media challenge, it’s that or another “national” day of some description. But it did get me thinking about how s decade could fly by in a blink of an eye.

I think in 10 years I have aged like a fine wine. Friends have said that I look younger now than I did then. My expensive creams must be working. I’m stronger in body though not always in mind.

10 years ago my biological clock kicked in and we decided we would try for a baby. Coil removed and was full of hope excitement. Little did I know this would turn into utter despairing heartbreak 3 years later. The grief like any loss in your life is always there. It changes in shape and size as anniversaries come and go. This sums it up perfectly.


10 years ago there was no social media in my life. I didn’t even own a smart phone that came in 2010. Maybe life was simpler. No comparing your life to the perfect lives you think exist.

But 10 years on, Penningtons Tea and Coffee has been born. An opportunity came to do it for ourselves after slogging for someone else for 28 years. I’m a saddo I walk round our roastery smiling at how great it looks. I feel a wave of proudness when I see our packaging.

My circle is smaller, as a friend said people in your circle should be supportive. Surround yourself with radiators not drains.

After years (prob around 15 years) of nagging I gave in and got a dog. As I type she’s laid next to me gently snoring. If Dave was doing this I would not find it as cute! 10 years on and I’m a crazy dog lady.

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  1. Sue Robinson says:

    This is my friend and I proud to say it xx

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