Lucy’s Wainwright adventures

It’s a year ago since we took ownership of our Black Labrador puppy Lucy. After the initial wobbles about how a dog would fit into our lives, these were quickly dispelled as she settled in and we wondered how we had survived without a Lucy.

We completed the Wainwrights in January 2015. Those of you who are muttering “what are Wainwrights”, they are a collection of 214 Lakeland mountains. Alfred Wainwright created this list and thousands of people have completed this.

When we said we were getting a dog, words were muttered by friends that Lucy will need to do this. I was up for it but Dave was a flat no. For Dave, he needs a knee replacement and long strenuous walks means days of agony after the walk.

When Lucy was 5 months we took her up her first Wainwright Hallin Fell, this coincidently was our first one too. I would like to say it was planned but just happened we had been to Penrith and needed a walk on the way home.

Lucy loves the mountains and it fills me with utter joy as she runs with her ears flapping.

Lucy on Holme Fell
Serious ear flappage on Black Fell
With mummy on Castle Crag
With Dad on first Wainwright Hallin Fell
Looking regal on Sallows
On Sour Hows
Taking in the view on Hallin Fell
On Loughrigg with my Bro

Only 207 to go…….

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