Canal boating

The northern part of the canal (Tewitfield to Kendal) was drained of water and closed in 1944. There was a severe leakage and it was filled in, also parts were blocked when the M6 were built.

The Lancaster Canal Trust has been working to reopen it since their formation in 1963. During the summer months they run trips on their boat “Waterwitch”.

“Waterwitch” is a traditionally designed 28ft narrowboat and can accommodate 12 passengers. She is based at Crooklands bridge 5 miles south of Kendal just off the A65. The boat is crewed by a team of fully trained and certificated volunteers who are all members of the Lancaster Canal Trust. 

The trip is a bargain at Adults £3, Children £1. Trips run every Sunday & Bankholiday Monday, from May through to from 11:00am – 4:00pm. They are Approximately every 40 minutes. No booking – first come, first served. Weather Permitting!

We had such a lovely time, it such a tranquil journey. It would be lovely to see the canal reopened but with the amount of money it would take, I don’t think it would ever happen. Shame.

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