Pea and Feta smash with poached eggs on toast

A twist on the hipster avocado, super tasty and a delicious brunch. I added some crispy dry cured bacon to the dish.


200g frozen garden peas

1/2 tbsp rapeseed oil

50g feta crumbled

Pinch of chilli flakes

A splash of sherry vinegar

small handful mint leaves, shredded 

2 slices sourdough bread, toasted

2 poached eggs


Put the peas in a bowl and cover with boiling water straight from the kettle. Leave to stand for 2-3 minutes; drain. Add the oil, sherry vinegar and chilli flakes. Roughly mash with a potato masher, then stir through the cheese and mint; season. Pile onto the toasted sourdough and top with poached egg.

Season and sprinkle a few more chilli flakes over egg if you like.

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