Here we go again – Week 1

My names Gina and it feels like deja vu back to January 2017. I’m about to put myself to the test in running another marathon. It takes a special kind of nutter to contemplate running marathon. 

Which I will be doing on the 26th April in London. I’ll be running the marathon as one of Brathay’s gold bond runners. I will also be running with my lovely friend Annie, she is more of a nutter than me! I know you people reading that will shake your head in disbelief. But she is, as she will be running 26.2 miles dressed as a collie dog!

Over the past month, I’ve hardly done any exercise, struggling to get my 10,000 steps in. Suffering with a never ending bout of cough, colds and girl flu. My training plan was like the proverbial elephant in the room. But I said to myself, you can do this, back to basics and back to my trusted Bupa beginners training plan. Remembering you’ve done this before, your body will remember this and you’ll be back to fitness in no time.

So week one done. Running 3 miles felt like a marathon to me. I have made myself go an exercise class when I could have easily talked myself out of it. Taking delight in ticking off my achievements off my training plan.

A running friend said these runs are the character building ones. Onto week 2…..

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