Week 2

Check my plan and see what was to achieve this week. Monday first run of the week, however this was coupled with my fist panic attack in ages. This panic attacks came out of the blue.

As I was running my mind was racing and then I couldn’t breathe. Comparing myself to others feeling utterly useless, feeling unfit and completely overwhelmed by the marathon training ahead. Though somehow I managed to plod out a 5km.

Storm Desmond arrived, the weather was biblical so my next run I swapped for a 20 minute cycle indoors. Part of me was relieved I wasn’t running as didn’t want a repeat of Monday.

Next 2 runs, I was trying not to be apprehensive. Luckily they were better. I kept beating myself up for not feeling fit and my pace being off. As a friend said to me a long time ago, a mile ran is a mile ran whatever the time. Need to remember that.

Onto week 3…….

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