Week 7

Nearly getting to the half way point and not getting any easier. As I’ve said before if it was easy everyone would be running a marathon. I read somewhere you train so you can tolerate the pain, how true.

First run of the week was good, the weather was terrible so was hard to find a window when I could go. I did a solo run, no pooch and felt terrible. My minute miles were better but my mental health not so good. I just fell off.

10 miles was my long run distance this week. I knew I could do it but I made the mistake of not fuelling properly. Note to self a cuppa and a mini soreen bar is not enough. I had to stop at a garage to grab something and luckily they took Apple pay as I had no cash.

I felt better once I’d eaten and even better when I was in the shower when I’d done.

I realised that I’d run 19 miles in 3 consecutive days, so wasn’t surprised I was knackered.

So onto week 8…….

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