That moment when the inevitable happened and the London marathon was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Of course with the current situation it was not completely unexpected.  Those training weeks in limbo, but 9 weeks of training were done and you have to focus on that.  Gaining fitness and losing inches. 

Marathon training is hard on the body, struggling to maintain the balance of work stress, training stress and a whole load of other factors.  While postponement has taken the pressure off, no huge distance to run.  No pressure to drag myself out for a run when I don’t feel my best.  Giving yourself permission to miss those long runs and not care about pace.

But I do, I miss the structure of the training plan.  I miss my early morning runs with Annie.  I miss the pressure of ticking off the runs, celebrating my good runs and putting the bad ones in my fuck it bin.

On marathon day, to turn a negative into a positive. Annie had planned to do the marathon around her garden dressed as a Dog!  14 hours later she did it, I love my crazy beautiful friend.  I on the other hand, was talking to my friend Phil and said about doing the marathon distance as a virtual relay team, along with a couple of running friends.  It was lovely to do this and felt good.  In these challenging times, charities need all the help they can get, if you have a spare pound, please consider sponsoring me

Will the marathon go ahead in October?  Who knows, but I am looking forward to getting back into a training routine again.

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